Bubbles Bloom Blossom

DSC_0094.JPG.A bubble can be defined as a thin, usually spherical or hemispherical film of liquid filled with air or gas. It is a protective, isolating envelope or cover. A bubble is transparent, allowing one to see through it. A bubble displays a variety of colors caused by the reflection and the refraction of light waves off the inner and outer surfaces of the bubble’s wall. It is insubstantial, groundless and ephemeral_Just like many people.

The word bubble, can be transitioned into an adjective to describe an individual as bubbly. She is known to be blissful. She always has a captivating atmosphere surrounding her. She takes one’s gloomy world and turns it into a vibrant and ecstatic one. She is usually considered as an open book because she allows people to see right through her, making her opponent comfortable with sharing even their deepest darkest secrets with her. She has no limits and remains groundless, floating through life with an optimistic attitude.


However, her bubbly personality is a protective cover. Since she knows that she is transparent, she does her best to hide her vulnerability. Many people take advantage of her kindness. She is empathetic and always has to lend a helping hand even though she is alone. She feels insubstantial. She is on the verge of giving up. Maybe a bubbly persona is just as ephemeral as a bubble?


Furthermore, she acknowledges her past circumstances. She relives her dull and traumatising past on a daily basis, only because she’s forced to still live with half of the traumatic events today. She constantly keeps reminding herself that everything happens for a reason. She is wise enough to know NOT to hold on to anything dark because she’ll always remain on the same spot. She knows that she has a divine purpose in life and she’ll allow no man to disrupt her ambitious drive.


Moreover, she manages to gain power by trying something new. She grabs a pen and a piece of paper and sits silently at her desk. She unbinds the nasty words enslaving her mind_a small light is lit. She observes the mug of green tea at the corner of her desk. She begins to write, ” We are merely a mug. We are all hollow inside. We all desire to feel warm from the inside out. We have a thick skin. Our thick skin insulates the unnecessary heat and rage from leaving our bodies and burning whoever we are in contact with. Our skin is so thick that once someone drops us, we will only break into large pieces. This indicates that even though we will break, we can still put our almost destroyed selves back together.We all need pure, fresh water to keep our skin glowing, our eyes sparkly and our hair glossy. We need water to refresh our souls and energise our bodies. We need antioxidants in our lives to promote longevity. We need sweetness in our lives to fight bitterness. We need to resemble a mug of green tea.”


All of a sudden, a massive fire is set off in her mind. The huge flames begin to burn all the straps and chains that held her mind captive. She looks in the mirror and she sees her face glowing. She feels a wet wind rushing through her head and body putting the flames out. A cool minty breeze is released when she opens her mouth to talk to herself about what she just felt. Blood is felt rushing through her body and rising to the surface as she begins to feel warm.She now feels mighty and more beautiful than before. She is blooming!


Heart-stirringly, she feels the blood splashing at the ends of her toes. She impulsively does a grand jete  and bursts into laughter. She does a number of spins and twirls. She continues to dance and begins to sing. She finds her old paintbrush and begins to paint a lily. As she paints, she begins to feel more and more inspired and adds more lilies, which are known to symbolise humility and devotion.


Importantly, noticing how motivated she became, it made her realise how unhappy she used to be. She realised how resentful she was towards the people who hurt her. She noticed how alone she was because she chose to shut everyone that wanted to help her out. She saw the debris from the walls that had been put up so high because of fear of being hurt, fear of being rejected, fear of standing out and fear of failure. She then began to weep but weeping tears of joy and relief. She had been set free from all those mental strongholds and she has never felt more free. It’s her time to blossom!


Furthermore, she takes a walk around her neighbourhood. She searches for souls in need of the same restoration. She encounters a young lady and greets her with a warm cheerful smile. The discombobulated lady, uncontrollably smiles back. An old man, seated on the park bench, notices her walking by and stops her. He tells her how the energy that she is carrying is overwhelming and gives him great joy. She gives him a warm hug and continues with her neighbourhood stroll. She begins to do a contemporary improvisation dance in her street’s cul-de-sac. One of her neighbours seated outside watches in amazement. Once she finishes dancing, the little boy approaches her and explains how he could feel a sense of joy and peace just watching her move gracefully.


In conclusion, she went back to her desk and opened her laptop. She began to type this piece of writing. In it, she expresses how important it is to find inner strength and bliss. There is an energy that we all automatically create and it is felt by many people that we come across with on a daily basis, whether we notice it or not. We always plant seeds in each person that we meet. These seeds can be both good and bad. We have to pay attention to the type of seeds we sow in someone’s heart. Every one is undergoing restoration in secret.