It’s All about Trust, Forgiveness and Faith

“At that time you must sing about a fruitful vineyard. I, the Lord, will protect it and always keep it watered. I will guard it day and night, away from harm. I am no longer angry but if it produces thorns, I will turn against it and burn it to the ground. Yet if the vineyard depends on me for protection, it will become my friend and be at peace with me.” Be that vineyard for the Lord has spoken. Let Him transform you into a new person by changing the you think. He is just too amazing for words.
We are told to forget the past. Don’t think about it. He is always creating something new. There it is! Do you see it? He has put roads in deserts, streams in thirsty lands for His chosen people. He wipes away our sins because of who He is. He forgets the wrong that we have done. Keep looking forward and forget about everything that is holding you down and preventing you from producing fruit. Idols rob us off our Father. We end up wanting and seeking materialistic things more than wanting God. We need to constantly keep searching ourselves for bad habits and addictions and surrender them all to Him. We need to grow up and deal with our insecurities.
“We are hard pressed but not crushed. Perplexed but not in despair.”_ 2 Corinthians4:8. We need to go through some pain in order to grow. Trust in the Lord with all your heart to get through. Don’t lean on your own understanding. Submit all your ways and your paths will be straightened. Just truts like a child. Hold His hand.  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”_Philipians4:13.
The book of Kings briefly illustrates how great and mighty the Lord or God is. It has shown me how loyal and faithful He is to His people. When He makes a promise, He sticks to it and doesn’t change anything. He is honest and and fair. He is just and doesn’t take sides. He loves deeply and compassionately. He never forsakes anyone and protects His people carefully. He feeds and disciplines us because we are His lovely children. “Blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence”_Jeremiah17:7
Daddy, I know You’re up to something. I can see it all right now. You’re pulling back my covers. It’s getting crazy. I thought You were messing up my life. I refused to pray. Still You kept calling me. I didn’t want to see your face. I was nothing but an empty space. I didn’t know how to be. I knew it wasn’t right for me. I felt like I was in surgery. You kept cutting deeper. My secrets within. My blanked of sin. I didn’t know how much longer until You were through with me. I just wanted You to take what You needed.
Loving you Daddy is the way forward. Sometimes I don’t wana change but You keep breaking me. It’s like I’m fighting for my life. You hit me with another light. I feel like Jacob in the night. Won’t stop until you bless me. I’m bringing myself to You but living sacrifice is more. Can I get up now? If I could, I’d fly away from here. Even when I’m far, You still draw near. There’s no way out. There’s nowhere to run. You win! I’ve been trying to do it on my own but right now I have to surrender. You know what’s best. It’s not easy waiting on You. It’s not always easy believing that You got it all together. But without faith, it’s impossible. So I’m going to stand right here. Still before You. You got me.
“Be still and know that I am God”
Our Father gives us the words of encouragement to pass on to the weary. Each morning He awakens me eager to learn His teaching. He made me willing to listen and not rebel. I let them beat my back and pull my hair. I didn’t turn aside when they insulted me and spit in my face. But God keeps me from being disgraced. So I refuse to give up because I know God will never let me down. My protector is nearby, no one can stand here to accuse me of doing wrong. The lord will help me and prove my innocence. My accusers will wear out like moth-eaten clothes. When you don’t respect the Lord, you walk in the dark instead of the light. Go ahead and walk in the light of the fires you have set. By His own hand, He will punish such people.
Always be available for the Lord to use you. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to preach to someone. Even just a smile and warm hug can make someone’s day as His glory has been passed on onto them. Hand it all over to God. Every thought, plan, emotion. There’s a reason for each and every person you meet. We are all here to have an influence on one another. Make sure it’s a good one.  Remain calm! Be yourself!
“Oh my baby, when you’re older, maybe then you’ll understand that you have angels dancing around your shoulders. There’s  a time in life, you’ll need a helping hand. When you’re praying, leave your burdens at my door. You have Jesus at your bedside to keep you safe and warm. When you’re crying, never hide your face from Me for I have conquered hell and driven out the demons. I have come with a lion to set you free! When you’re dying, leave a healing of His hand. Here in heaven we will wait for your arrival. Here in heaven, you will finally understand. Worry not my daughter, worry not my son. When life doesn’t seem worth living for, come to Jesus and He’ll hold you in His arms.
“See how very much our Father loves us? For He calls us His children and that is who we are!”_1John3;1

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