Why do we “need” things?

Figuratively, our brains can understand the beginning of time and the end of the universe. It is an extremely compound walnut-shaped machine. Together with a network of nerves and the spinal cord, the human brain has authority over how information moves through the body such as voluntary actions, walking, talking, dancing and involuntary actions, digestion, secretion, filtration and breathing.


To begin with, we live in a “Me” period. A period where everyone seems to be in competition with one another.  “Oh my gosh! That is super cute, I need it NOW before she gets it!”.  But why do you want it? Do you really need it “now” or do you just want it now to be seen with it first to own that Trend Setter title? We as human beings are programmed to survive, whether you notice it or not. All the steps we take are survival steps. We think about what to do in order to create a scrumptious meal for dinner, we think about what move to make in order to receive that money-making position at our firms. We plan our present lifestyle in such a way to have a healthy future. We want to survive!


The media has found a double-dealing way using bright colours and beautiful woman and homes to attack the right side of our brain which will then affect the left side. The right side of the brain is known for being the creative side. It deals with our imagination and paints big pictures in our minds. The left side is known to be more logic, analytical, precise and repetitive. Once the adverts are broadcasted, the right side of our brains begin to paint these unrealistic pictures of how our lives will be if we had that Trialblazer shown on television by Auas Motors or those Beats by Dre headphones to listen to sound quality music. The left side of the brain will be affected by repeating these thoughts and reviewing those slideshows after analysing the given information until we are convinced that we need those things that we didn’t even know we needed until we saw it.


Personally, I thought I had perfect skin until I saw the advert on Ponds Spot Removing cream. All of a sudden, I wanted that. I wanted to have flawless skin. I didn’t feel very pretty anymore now that I’ve noticed how many dark spots I really have on my face. Fortunately, I don’t like to spend money. So I’ve solved my dark spot issue by making my own natural spot removing oils. It’s a long method but it’s safe because I know what I ingredients I use and I’ve saved myself a couple of hundred Namibian dollars.


Unfortunately, we love shortcuts in life due to this “Successful Me” mind set. Fitness seems to be in “In thing” at the moment. Everyone wants that beach body or “bubble butt”. However, instead of going to the gym, one would spend N$ 750-N$1000 on a latex waist trainer. Did it work? Does my physique look like Amber Rose’s yet? People will go out of their way even if there are physical consequences. The latex waist trainer is extremely uncomfortable, restricts your movements, if you want it really tight then disrupts your breathing and causes rib damage. Emotionally, one does feel “sexy” or “more woman” because of the amplified curves. At the end of the day, one will always want it more and more. “My waist should be a little more tinier please…. More…. MORE!” One begins to do it for the wrong reasons such as wanting to be visually undressed by men and loses oneself along the way.


We’d all love to have the most spacious house with a swimming pool and a breath-taking view right? Oh and a gorgeous red car. Why? We’ll feel comfortable, what else?  “When people walk by they’ll wish they were me”. That’s all great but will they still wish they were you once they found out that you don’t sleep at night because you’re up thinking about how to pay off that Porsche? When you’re up thinking about what other side job you could possibly have because the water bill is too high since you wanted an indoors and outdoors swimming pool with a Jacuzzi for the winter?  Will they still wish they were you once they found out that your blood pressure rockets sky high because you don’t even know who your children really are since you’ve been too busy  arguing with your wife about who contributes more to this fancy lifestyle?  Will they still wish they were you once they found out that you’re spiritually dead because you’ve just lost your meaning in life in the course of buying more and more “decorative” plates, wine glasses, artefacts that are just stacked on top of each other in your garage, countless make-up kits because you just want those different colours for each season yet you’ve only used three different shades of eye shadow? Wouldn’t you wish you were them instead?


Many students are put up for this challenge of wanting a number of things. Mainly good grades. Why? To have a bright future. Meaning? To obtain my certificate, diploma, degree and masters etc. Students desire to walk around with this piece of paper because they’d feel untroubled as it’s what many companies would like to see but is it what many companies need? A piece of paper to ensure me that you will do a good job? Students are most affected when they’re told that they need a crazy number of years of experience before settling in. They are disappointed and in panic because they need this job, they worked and studied for many years just to be let down by certain firms.


To end of, we live in a time where it’s suddenly more important to look and sound successful rather than actually being successful. We are living in days where people constantly want to keep up with the latest trends and for some reason, always want to be first or the best. Do we really need all these things we see on television?  Who is to blame for the way things have been set up for our generation?





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