Raindrops or Millions of Broken Hearts?


Rainy days are relaxing days. Rainy days are dreary days. Rainy days are reviving days. Rainy days are dampening days. According to psychology, the colour grey is an unemotional colour. It is detached, neutral, impartial and indecisive. It is also the colour of compromise as it is neither black or white. Its solidity and stability, evokes a feeling of calmness and relief. As the colour draws nearer to black, it initiates a dark and mysterious atmosphere. As the colour draws nearer to white, it creates a more live and tranquilising atmosphere.


When my eyes beam at a rain cloud, I don’t see a rain cloud. I see millions of energised hearts contained in a mysterious dark-grey dwelling. These hearts are being filled with amorousness, devotion and passion every second. More and more hearts are being created, making the space in the container tighter. The hearts converse with other hearts in the other neighbouring containers. They discuss how they cannot wait to mature and unleash their gifted selves upon the people of this world.They are excited to restore the vegetation and protect natures’s livestock. The hearts are fired up to refresh the minds of the people of this world and motivate them to expand their creativity. The fattened hearts sit quietly as their eyes sparkle with anticipation.


Breathlessly, I watched as the outside containers held each others hands and gave one another tight hugs. The containers hugged their assigned partners tightly until they each exploded. A loud thunder roared and a long zigzag light shot across the sky. The many hearts poured down onto the earth, in the north, east, west and south. Many of them splashed in dry riverbeds and on dead tree barks. It was the beginning of many journeys.


Meanwhile, little Aqua left her aqueous herd and scurried to fulfill her destiny as an Interpretive dancer. She saw a poster on a stained street lamp. The poster indicated that the Waterfalls Dance Academy’s searching for a lead role in their upcoming production, When Oceans Rise. Immediately, Aqua dashed to find the academy in the town’s centre. As she approached the 4meter high glass door, she took a deep breath in and reminded herself that she was only there to inspire and be inspired.


Furthermore, as she entered the main hall, the atmosphere changed drastically. In the hallway, there were many other hearts waiting in line to audition for the role. Aqua noticed something bizarre about these other hearts. The light in complexion hearts were dull in the face. They were thin and had no spark in their eyes. In the midst of the ego-filled atmosphere, Aqua tried to erase the idea of it probably being because she was the only one with a darker skin tone in the vicinity and let out a cheerful greeting, “Hi, I’m Aqua!” . She only received an even colder shoulder. Just in time, the fake diamond encrusted door opened and her name was called.


Awkwardly, Aqua walked in to the centre of the room and positioned herself accordingly. She faithfully ignored the finicky glare of judge number 3 and began to boogie down. As she danced, she noticed the judges’ facial expressions changed. They began to simper. All of them  EXCEPT judge number 3 of course. Once she had finished her two-minute piece, the judges applauded her. However, judge number 3 instantaneously arose from his chair and told the other judges to halt with their votes. He then walked up to Aqua and paced around her vindictively. He then faced the other judges and said, “This female is not tall enough. She doesn’t look like a real woman, more like a little girl. Her hair has got the wrong texture and she could lose some mass. She is just simply not suitable for this role.” Aqua guessed that he was in charge of the production as the other judges did not dare oppose what he had just said.


Brokenheartedly, Aqua left the audition room only to get herself into another frosty flame. The other hearts laughed at her rejection. One of the hearts shouted, “Go back to where you came from. There’s no use for you here!” Aqua ran out of the uncultured dance academy. With a misplaced heart, she kept running until she couldn’t anymore. She felt her frame secrete all the imaginative and amorous juices that she had once been fattened with.


Away from her herd and with no one to lean on, Aqua distressed, laid on debris and waited for the sun to emerge from the clouds. She wanted to go back into the sky, in her container. She wanted them to fill her with a different drive and purpose. She would ask her maker to make her taller. To make her thinner. To give her softer and longer hair with a beautiful caramel complexion to match. Maybe then she’ll be accepted into the Waterfalls Dance academy the next time she’d be released again.


Conclusively, there are millions of hearts being broken. They all begin their journey in life ambitious and excited to show the world what they are made of. They all desire to inspire and be inspired. Unfortunately, many of them end up being scattered and shattered against cold roads and steel rooftops_Longing for the sun to come out and have them evaporated from this inconsiderate world. Alone, wet and cold they are being forced to give in to society in order to be recognised burying who they were supposed to be. What was once an exhilarating journey to begin with, turned out to be a hindering and disheartening one.


They say that the higher you start up, the harder you fall down, right?


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