Life is the dancer and You are the Dance

After almost two weeks of not dancing (due to academical reasons), I’ve learned and noticed a few things about myself.

  1. I found it far more difficult for me to fall asleep at night
  2. I became super emotional
  3. i became restless
  4. Felt like i lost my meaning in life

These four main circumstances I faced, made me realise how much more dancing is to me than just “dancing”. It is ME. I am “it”. Without the one, the other cannot function. Without the one, the other one cannot comprehend life. Today, 25th September was the first time I got to move my body again. I literally felt wobbly at first up until I managed to find my core again. When I wake up in the morning, I already can’t wait for night to come again as I use the living room space to vent from the day once everyone has gone to bed. I feel myself become one with my body again once I’m done constructing or improvising choreography by 3am. The only fatigue I appreciate is the one I experience after 4-5hours of non-stop dance. I feel elevated… way up above the Earth and float around the galaxy whilst all my problems back home are being destroyed one by one. Once I land back, I open my eyes and turn on the lights again and feel rejuvenated and STRONGER than EVER to face the new day.


There’s no greater therapy than using the one that God has placed inside of you to heal others.


“Dance when you’re broken open. Dance if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance like you’re perfectly free.”_Jalaluddin Rumi


“We should consider every day lost, on which we have not danced atleast once”_Friedrich Nietzsche


“Do a loony-goony dance, ‘cross the kitchen floor. Put something silly in the world that aint been there before”_Shel Silverstein





It’s All about Trust, Forgiveness and Faith

“At that time you must sing about a fruitful vineyard. I, the Lord, will protect it and always keep it watered. I will guard it day and night, away from harm. I am no longer angry but if it produces thorns, I will turn against it and burn it to the ground. Yet if the vineyard depends on me for protection, it will become my friend and be at peace with me.” Be that vineyard for the Lord has spoken. Let Him transform you into a new person by changing the you think. He is just too amazing for words.
We are told to forget the past. Don’t think about it. He is always creating something new. There it is! Do you see it? He has put roads in deserts, streams in thirsty lands for His chosen people. He wipes away our sins because of who He is. He forgets the wrong that we have done. Keep looking forward and forget about everything that is holding you down and preventing you from producing fruit. Idols rob us off our Father. We end up wanting and seeking materialistic things more than wanting God. We need to constantly keep searching ourselves for bad habits and addictions and surrender them all to Him. We need to grow up and deal with our insecurities.
“We are hard pressed but not crushed. Perplexed but not in despair.”_ 2 Corinthians4:8. We need to go through some pain in order to grow. Trust in the Lord with all your heart to get through. Don’t lean on your own understanding. Submit all your ways and your paths will be straightened. Just truts like a child. Hold His hand.  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”_Philipians4:13.
The book of Kings briefly illustrates how great and mighty the Lord or God is. It has shown me how loyal and faithful He is to His people. When He makes a promise, He sticks to it and doesn’t change anything. He is honest and and fair. He is just and doesn’t take sides. He loves deeply and compassionately. He never forsakes anyone and protects His people carefully. He feeds and disciplines us because we are His lovely children. “Blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence”_Jeremiah17:7
Daddy, I know You’re up to something. I can see it all right now. You’re pulling back my covers. It’s getting crazy. I thought You were messing up my life. I refused to pray. Still You kept calling me. I didn’t want to see your face. I was nothing but an empty space. I didn’t know how to be. I knew it wasn’t right for me. I felt like I was in surgery. You kept cutting deeper. My secrets within. My blanked of sin. I didn’t know how much longer until You were through with me. I just wanted You to take what You needed.
Loving you Daddy is the way forward. Sometimes I don’t wana change but You keep breaking me. It’s like I’m fighting for my life. You hit me with another light. I feel like Jacob in the night. Won’t stop until you bless me. I’m bringing myself to You but living sacrifice is more. Can I get up now? If I could, I’d fly away from here. Even when I’m far, You still draw near. There’s no way out. There’s nowhere to run. You win! I’ve been trying to do it on my own but right now I have to surrender. You know what’s best. It’s not easy waiting on You. It’s not always easy believing that You got it all together. But without faith, it’s impossible. So I’m going to stand right here. Still before You. You got me.
“Be still and know that I am God”
Our Father gives us the words of encouragement to pass on to the weary. Each morning He awakens me eager to learn His teaching. He made me willing to listen and not rebel. I let them beat my back and pull my hair. I didn’t turn aside when they insulted me and spit in my face. But God keeps me from being disgraced. So I refuse to give up because I know God will never let me down. My protector is nearby, no one can stand here to accuse me of doing wrong. The lord will help me and prove my innocence. My accusers will wear out like moth-eaten clothes. When you don’t respect the Lord, you walk in the dark instead of the light. Go ahead and walk in the light of the fires you have set. By His own hand, He will punish such people.
Always be available for the Lord to use you. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to preach to someone. Even just a smile and warm hug can make someone’s day as His glory has been passed on onto them. Hand it all over to God. Every thought, plan, emotion. There’s a reason for each and every person you meet. We are all here to have an influence on one another. Make sure it’s a good one.  Remain calm! Be yourself!
“Oh my baby, when you’re older, maybe then you’ll understand that you have angels dancing around your shoulders. There’s  a time in life, you’ll need a helping hand. When you’re praying, leave your burdens at my door. You have Jesus at your bedside to keep you safe and warm. When you’re crying, never hide your face from Me for I have conquered hell and driven out the demons. I have come with a lion to set you free! When you’re dying, leave a healing of His hand. Here in heaven we will wait for your arrival. Here in heaven, you will finally understand. Worry not my daughter, worry not my son. When life doesn’t seem worth living for, come to Jesus and He’ll hold you in His arms.
“See how very much our Father loves us? For He calls us His children and that is who we are!”_1John3;1

How to Deal With Failure

Have you ever felt like crawling under a rock? Have you ever intended to just let go and allow fate to take its course? Failure is an act that fails. It is the act of not accomplishing your intended purpose. A failure is a person who loses consistently and has a lack of success. It is the inability to discharge all your debts as they come due. The question remains, “How can you deal with failure?”


People cope with failure in a variety of ways, ranging from distractions to receiving social support. However, what are the most effective strategies? To begin with, positive re-framing, acceptance and humour are the key elements to lift up your spirits and feel satisfied at the end of the day. Positive reframing, is trying to see things in a more positive way and trying to find something good in what happened. In other words, be optimistic.


Humour and laughter are my favourite coping strategies. Failure may be associated with stress. A good laugh with some positive reframing, will bring down the stress and increase communication in your workplace, classroom and home. What if you do not consider yourself to be funny? LOL! That shouldn’t be a problem. Since you cannot change your “not-funny” personality, you could just find ways to integrate humour into your day-to-day life and change your communication patterns.


Making fun of yourself is a way of humour communication as long as you do not do it excessively. Joking around in your classroom or workplace, can enhance creativity, department cohesiveness and overall performance. Laughter is one way to deal with tension in an intimidating situation where you feel that you may make consequential decisions. It will help you remain calm, content and resilient.


Life’s hard knocks are as common as life’s success rocks. When you expect the process of living to always be a smooth sail, you invite a lack of realism into your life. Did you know that failure helps you create a balance in your life? It represents an opportunity for personal growth! Also try to make peace with the fact that things wont always go your way. This will encourage your to avoid being bitter and twisted.


Importantly, remind yourself that you are good enough. Failure serves as proof of being a great fear, causing you to want to withdraw and not try again. Nobody is perfect so everyone WILL fail at some point in their lives. The actual difference between people who become successful and overcome failure and those who don’t, comes down to how they managed failing and how they viewed its impact on them.You are good enough! All you have to do is give yourself the “go ahead” and keep trying.


Remain calm! Whatever, you feel, do not lose your composure over it. Look at it this way, it will not make any difference to the outcome itself, whether your blow your top off or not. It will take far less energy and maintain your image if you choose the latter response. if you are frustrated or angry, take a breather, change these emotions to something sweeter to motivate you to start again.


DO NOT take your anger out on someone else! We all know it’s not healthy to bottle up your feelings but you cannot go around taking it out on those surrounding you either. Go for a run, walk, swim or anything to help release the rage in you. I am an interpretive artist. When I am tense, I draw, sketch or paint out everything that’s eating my soul. I am a contemporary dancer. When my emotions are overwhelming, I get up and just start throwing the darkness creeping around my  heart out of me through the music playing around me or the music in my head. I also sing. I sing in different genres depending on my mood. I write and gives words of encouragement to those i see falling around me because I end up reaching out to myself in the process just like the way I’m busy tying this at this moment. It all doesn’t matter how your express yourself because the point is, I feel so free afterwards.


Take your time! Overcoming failure does not happen over night. It takes time for emotions to heal. Forget about what people think of you. Most of the time, they don’t even know the actual effort you put in trying to achieve whatever it is so WHO ARE THEY to mock you?


Moreover, many people overcome failure through religion. We have all been there, put our hearts into something which doesn’t seem to click. Whether it is in class, at work or witnessing to a friend. Sometimes we feel like we’ve failed God. Yet the Bible helps us realise that God is with us through it all. Psalm 40:2-3,” and He pulled me from a lonely pit full mud and mire. You let me stand on a rock with my feet firm and you gave me a new song. A song of praise! Many will see this and they will honour and trust you, the Lord God!”


Learn to love finding out that you’re wrong about something. It’s not failure instead enlightenment. The path to finding the right way. Trying and failing is a much better teacher of what it means to be human than never trying and succeeding.

Why do we “need” things?

Figuratively, our brains can understand the beginning of time and the end of the universe. It is an extremely compound walnut-shaped machine. Together with a network of nerves and the spinal cord, the human brain has authority over how information moves through the body such as voluntary actions, walking, talking, dancing and involuntary actions, digestion, secretion, filtration and breathing.


To begin with, we live in a “Me” period. A period where everyone seems to be in competition with one another.  “Oh my gosh! That is super cute, I need it NOW before she gets it!”.  But why do you want it? Do you really need it “now” or do you just want it now to be seen with it first to own that Trend Setter title? We as human beings are programmed to survive, whether you notice it or not. All the steps we take are survival steps. We think about what to do in order to create a scrumptious meal for dinner, we think about what move to make in order to receive that money-making position at our firms. We plan our present lifestyle in such a way to have a healthy future. We want to survive!


The media has found a double-dealing way using bright colours and beautiful woman and homes to attack the right side of our brain which will then affect the left side. The right side of the brain is known for being the creative side. It deals with our imagination and paints big pictures in our minds. The left side is known to be more logic, analytical, precise and repetitive. Once the adverts are broadcasted, the right side of our brains begin to paint these unrealistic pictures of how our lives will be if we had that Trialblazer shown on television by Auas Motors or those Beats by Dre headphones to listen to sound quality music. The left side of the brain will be affected by repeating these thoughts and reviewing those slideshows after analysing the given information until we are convinced that we need those things that we didn’t even know we needed until we saw it.


Personally, I thought I had perfect skin until I saw the advert on Ponds Spot Removing cream. All of a sudden, I wanted that. I wanted to have flawless skin. I didn’t feel very pretty anymore now that I’ve noticed how many dark spots I really have on my face. Fortunately, I don’t like to spend money. So I’ve solved my dark spot issue by making my own natural spot removing oils. It’s a long method but it’s safe because I know what I ingredients I use and I’ve saved myself a couple of hundred Namibian dollars.


Unfortunately, we love shortcuts in life due to this “Successful Me” mind set. Fitness seems to be in “In thing” at the moment. Everyone wants that beach body or “bubble butt”. However, instead of going to the gym, one would spend N$ 750-N$1000 on a latex waist trainer. Did it work? Does my physique look like Amber Rose’s yet? People will go out of their way even if there are physical consequences. The latex waist trainer is extremely uncomfortable, restricts your movements, if you want it really tight then disrupts your breathing and causes rib damage. Emotionally, one does feel “sexy” or “more woman” because of the amplified curves. At the end of the day, one will always want it more and more. “My waist should be a little more tinier please…. More…. MORE!” One begins to do it for the wrong reasons such as wanting to be visually undressed by men and loses oneself along the way.


We’d all love to have the most spacious house with a swimming pool and a breath-taking view right? Oh and a gorgeous red car. Why? We’ll feel comfortable, what else?  “When people walk by they’ll wish they were me”. That’s all great but will they still wish they were you once they found out that you don’t sleep at night because you’re up thinking about how to pay off that Porsche? When you’re up thinking about what other side job you could possibly have because the water bill is too high since you wanted an indoors and outdoors swimming pool with a Jacuzzi for the winter?  Will they still wish they were you once they found out that your blood pressure rockets sky high because you don’t even know who your children really are since you’ve been too busy  arguing with your wife about who contributes more to this fancy lifestyle?  Will they still wish they were you once they found out that you’re spiritually dead because you’ve just lost your meaning in life in the course of buying more and more “decorative” plates, wine glasses, artefacts that are just stacked on top of each other in your garage, countless make-up kits because you just want those different colours for each season yet you’ve only used three different shades of eye shadow? Wouldn’t you wish you were them instead?


Many students are put up for this challenge of wanting a number of things. Mainly good grades. Why? To have a bright future. Meaning? To obtain my certificate, diploma, degree and masters etc. Students desire to walk around with this piece of paper because they’d feel untroubled as it’s what many companies would like to see but is it what many companies need? A piece of paper to ensure me that you will do a good job? Students are most affected when they’re told that they need a crazy number of years of experience before settling in. They are disappointed and in panic because they need this job, they worked and studied for many years just to be let down by certain firms.


To end of, we live in a time where it’s suddenly more important to look and sound successful rather than actually being successful. We are living in days where people constantly want to keep up with the latest trends and for some reason, always want to be first or the best. Do we really need all these things we see on television?  Who is to blame for the way things have been set up for our generation?






Long long long time ago, in the Tropical Rain Forest, there was once a girl named Bravo. She had green hair with red highlights. She had green eyes, a pointed nose and elvish ears. Her skin was like mustard and her cheeks were as smooth as a baby’s bottom. She was as tall as a Beagle and had a heart of clouds. She was the fairest of them all.


Her home was an Igloo and she had Goldilocks as her bodyguard. She was dating the most wanted man in the universe, the Terminator and they had ten little butterfly babies. How precious? They were so rich that they bought the Fiji Islands and owned all Uranium mines in Namibia. Bravo and her family’s diet mainly consisted of fish tails, nectar with a pinch of garlic.


One day hot day, the Terminator’s grandmother, Marilyn Monroe, paid the family a visit. She was very angry at Bravo because Bravo went to the moon without her last Christmas. Bravo then told her that she ran for president and won the election, therefore, they can go up to the moon next holiday.


The Terminator didn’t come home one night and Bravo became very suspicious. She then heard a loud knocking on the door and ran for the door and dropped her right boob. She caught it just in time as the stranger opened the door. It was the Rock! The hunkiest man on the planet_after her soon-to-be ex boyfriend, the Terminator. The Rock then told her to hurry to his car because he has to show her his big toe. She got into the car and massaged his appendix. The Rock found this arousing and smacked her on her ankle as a sign of “Let’s get it on!”. Bravo, still holding her boob, shoved it up his nostril and made a run for it. Goldilocks took her bazooka and shot the Rock in his third head and millions of gummibears shot out all over the place. Euw!


Bravo continued to run for her life until she reached Equator. She ran into Johnny Bravo. He then immediately called the police to arrest Bravo for impersonating him. Awkward right? Bravo unleashed her second boob and threw the third one at the commanders car. His car exploded into thousands of pinatas! YUMMY! The orphaned dolphins ran for the candy and flew south for the winter before they were caught. FREEDOM!


Strangely, Bravo received a phone call from her ex-husband the Easter Bunny. He was reminding her about finalising their divorce papers. They were divorcing because she had half his eggs poached last Easter.Bravo hung up and continued to look for her husband. She sent a telegram to Napoleon Bonaparte asking about herboyfriend’s whereabouts. Of course Napoleon would only have replied three weeks later but by then, it was too late. Bravo received news that he had been poisoned by someone in his household. They apparently put lead in his meals_talk about a thousand ways to die.


Hysterically, Bravo ran and hid behind the Great Walls of China. There she heard giggling and chuckling. She peeped over the wall and saw the Terminator but he wasn’t alone. He was holding hands with Goldilocks in a flirtatious manner and this shattered Bravo’s heart. Bravely, Bravo took Papa Bear’s hot soup and threw it at them. The disloyal couple melted and transformed into turds.


Distressed, Bravo went home to her butterfly babies and packed their cocoons. She wrapped the little ones in silk cloth and shipped them to Atlantis. King Neptune and Ariel adopted them and taught them how to hunt seals. Adventurous!  Bravo disappeared and reappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. No one has ever heard of her since then.

Spiritual Gifts



There are different kinds of spiritual gifts. They all come from the same Spirit. There are different ways to serve the Lord and we can each do different things. Yet the same God works in all of us in all we do. The Spirit has given us each a special way of serving others. Some of us can speak with wisdom, others can speak with knowledge but it all comes from the same Spirit of the God most high. To some, the Spirit has given great faith or the power to heal the sick and work mighty miracles. Some are prophets. Others can recognise when God’s spirit is present.Some speak in different languages whilst others can interpret these languages.


As a believer in Christ Jesus, you have unique gifts on the inside of you. You have the ability to make others happy. You can encourage, you can edify, you can exhort, you can uplift and you can believe. You can pray and lead someone else to Christ. People don’t have to have desperate needs before we bless them. The Holy Spirit will lead us to be good to people every day if we are sensitive to His voice. Offer your gifts and talents to the Lord and see what happens.


It is the Spirit who decides, who does what.

Raindrops or Millions of Broken Hearts?


Rainy days are relaxing days. Rainy days are dreary days. Rainy days are reviving days. Rainy days are dampening days. According to psychology, the colour grey is an unemotional colour. It is detached, neutral, impartial and indecisive. It is also the colour of compromise as it is neither black or white. Its solidity and stability, evokes a feeling of calmness and relief. As the colour draws nearer to black, it initiates a dark and mysterious atmosphere. As the colour draws nearer to white, it creates a more live and tranquilising atmosphere.


When my eyes beam at a rain cloud, I don’t see a rain cloud. I see millions of energised hearts contained in a mysterious dark-grey dwelling. These hearts are being filled with amorousness, devotion and passion every second. More and more hearts are being created, making the space in the container tighter. The hearts converse with other hearts in the other neighbouring containers. They discuss how they cannot wait to mature and unleash their gifted selves upon the people of this world.They are excited to restore the vegetation and protect natures’s livestock. The hearts are fired up to refresh the minds of the people of this world and motivate them to expand their creativity. The fattened hearts sit quietly as their eyes sparkle with anticipation.


Breathlessly, I watched as the outside containers held each others hands and gave one another tight hugs. The containers hugged their assigned partners tightly until they each exploded. A loud thunder roared and a long zigzag light shot across the sky. The many hearts poured down onto the earth, in the north, east, west and south. Many of them splashed in dry riverbeds and on dead tree barks. It was the beginning of many journeys.


Meanwhile, little Aqua left her aqueous herd and scurried to fulfill her destiny as an Interpretive dancer. She saw a poster on a stained street lamp. The poster indicated that the Waterfalls Dance Academy’s searching for a lead role in their upcoming production, When Oceans Rise. Immediately, Aqua dashed to find the academy in the town’s centre. As she approached the 4meter high glass door, she took a deep breath in and reminded herself that she was only there to inspire and be inspired.


Furthermore, as she entered the main hall, the atmosphere changed drastically. In the hallway, there were many other hearts waiting in line to audition for the role. Aqua noticed something bizarre about these other hearts. The light in complexion hearts were dull in the face. They were thin and had no spark in their eyes. In the midst of the ego-filled atmosphere, Aqua tried to erase the idea of it probably being because she was the only one with a darker skin tone in the vicinity and let out a cheerful greeting, “Hi, I’m Aqua!” . She only received an even colder shoulder. Just in time, the fake diamond encrusted door opened and her name was called.


Awkwardly, Aqua walked in to the centre of the room and positioned herself accordingly. She faithfully ignored the finicky glare of judge number 3 and began to boogie down. As she danced, she noticed the judges’ facial expressions changed. They began to simper. All of them  EXCEPT judge number 3 of course. Once she had finished her two-minute piece, the judges applauded her. However, judge number 3 instantaneously arose from his chair and told the other judges to halt with their votes. He then walked up to Aqua and paced around her vindictively. He then faced the other judges and said, “This female is not tall enough. She doesn’t look like a real woman, more like a little girl. Her hair has got the wrong texture and she could lose some mass. She is just simply not suitable for this role.” Aqua guessed that he was in charge of the production as the other judges did not dare oppose what he had just said.


Brokenheartedly, Aqua left the audition room only to get herself into another frosty flame. The other hearts laughed at her rejection. One of the hearts shouted, “Go back to where you came from. There’s no use for you here!” Aqua ran out of the uncultured dance academy. With a misplaced heart, she kept running until she couldn’t anymore. She felt her frame secrete all the imaginative and amorous juices that she had once been fattened with.


Away from her herd and with no one to lean on, Aqua distressed, laid on debris and waited for the sun to emerge from the clouds. She wanted to go back into the sky, in her container. She wanted them to fill her with a different drive and purpose. She would ask her maker to make her taller. To make her thinner. To give her softer and longer hair with a beautiful caramel complexion to match. Maybe then she’ll be accepted into the Waterfalls Dance academy the next time she’d be released again.


Conclusively, there are millions of hearts being broken. They all begin their journey in life ambitious and excited to show the world what they are made of. They all desire to inspire and be inspired. Unfortunately, many of them end up being scattered and shattered against cold roads and steel rooftops_Longing for the sun to come out and have them evaporated from this inconsiderate world. Alone, wet and cold they are being forced to give in to society in order to be recognised burying who they were supposed to be. What was once an exhilarating journey to begin with, turned out to be a hindering and disheartening one.


They say that the higher you start up, the harder you fall down, right?